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About Us

The governing body of RVSIS envision the education system that is based on inspiration and innovation that kindles the dormant talent of the students. We develop in the students a perspective of looking at life. We help the students to build opinion and have points of view on things in life.

RVS Educational Trust

RVS Educational Trust is leading Educational Group of Eastern India, it was founded in the year 2002 with its Registration with Govt. 1997/ 1758 /2002 by its revered Chairman Mr.Binda Singh with a view to promote General and Technical Education in our Country.

Admission 2019-20 Open

Admission for session 2019-20 is now started. Contact School office or Apply Online for Admission forms.

We want to impart quality education with a focus on the child’s all round development – Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

  • Mental development – A step by step process of learning as the child grows day by day guided by capable teachers who help the child to connect teaching with their mental abilities.
  • Physical Development – At RVSIS we not only provide all modern facilities of sports but also we ensure that the children are tuned towards an environment which they look forward to with enthusiasm and zeal participating in sports and physical activities… Read More

We follow the ICSE curriculum with a broad base which gives the children a strong foundation. This helps them when they step out of school later on in life.

We strictly follow:-

  • The rules laid by the ICSE Council.
  • Adhering to the English medium practices.
  • Effective teaching methods.
  • Providing academic ambience.
  • Exposing children to technology, diverse culture and religion.
  • Aiming at making a child balanced and a good human being.

Thorough professionalism comes with a ‘one to one’ contact. We at RVSIS believe that a perfect teacher comes to the level of understanding each child and inculcates an atmosphere where the teacher and the taught have a blending of thoughts and ideas, a rapport that creates harmony, a value system that establishes love and respect between the two and creative interpretation where different strokes are applied for different children.

A teacher of RVSIS is trained through various workshops about the cycle and system of planning – lessons, syllabus, and the pedagogy of teaching.

RVSIS has been created ensuring beauty, order, reality, simplicity and accessibility. Our focus is primarily on making the environment ‘child friendly’ with an objective to make the child conscious about concentration being self-directed and self-disciplined.